Live Theme

Live Theme

A Premium WordPress Theme for Streaming Video and Live Events

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The Perfect Online Venue

A memorable, in-person show is given wings when it's atmosphere, location, and capacity are a perfect fit.

The website used to broadcast your event is, quite literally, the online venue for your audience and is no less critical to your success.

A performance's ability to move the spirit is about preparation as much as execution
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Codeless Custom Designs

Live Theme was architected so that the style easily adapts to well-designed backgrounds. The tabbed areas use neutral tones and the translucent borders maintain visual continuity by inheriting colors from background graphics.

Plus, we'll start you off with 4 native styles (Default, Wood, Grey, and Concert) as well as a ten-pack of designs made especially for Live Theme. Not a customer yet? No problem. Feel free to use them in your projects, anyway. We're cool like that.

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Bring Them Back On Time

As word of mouth spreads about your event, your site will get early visitors. That's why a prominent countdown is presented to bring them back on time. When the timer reaches zero, it cleanly fades away.

There when you need it, out of sight when you don't.

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Rotating Promotion Marquee

We have your pre-show and post-show bumpers and quips covered. Leverage the most visually arresting part of the page to guide visitors to premier sponsors and promotional products before the show starts, and then again after the video stream is taken offline.

With Live Theme you're equipped to leave very little to chance.

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Primed for Social Engagement

Draw in new viewers, while retaining the ones you have, with Twitter and Facebook.

A live Twitter stream captures event-related chatter based on your #hashtag. This entices attenders into conversations on Twitter that, in turn, raise awareness of your event to their respective followers.

Our Facebook tab encourages attenders to comment without actually leaving your event. Strategic and functional.

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Non-interrupting Tabbed Pages

The tabbed page area pre-loads all pages so that the video stream is not interrupted as viewers cycle through relevant information. This is perfect for welcome messages, schedules, downloadable resources, or even embed-able chat rooms.

Clearly, we've thought this through!

Flickr stream

Photo Stream for Full Immersion

An optional photo stream area is available to enhance the experience beyond mere video. Use your Flickr account to provide teaser photos leading up to the event, upload photography captured during the show, or post back stage shots after the show concludes.

Just another way site visitors can feel fully immersed when they can't be physically present.

Live Theme on all your sites

Buy Once, Use on All Your Sites

How is this for licensing? Buy it and use it at your discretion. 100% of our theme is licensed under the GPL. This gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom to use it for all your sites, domains, and web projects. Heck, build your own theme on top of ours!

Technical Support & Version Upgrades for Life
$79 Support License
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Advertising Spots

Up to 4 advertising slots to give your site earning potential. Nothing to sell? Use them to communicate event details or thematic messaging.

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Localization Support

We've provided localization support out-of-the-box. Language not supported? Simply load up the default language files in POEdit and save.

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No Plugins Required

Integrated plugins! We don't think you should lose hours of trial and error trying to find the perfect widgets. They're already here. We built them from scratch.

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Analytics Integration

Insert Google's new Asynchronous Tracking Code for the fastest and most effect analytics measurement available. Also add 3rd party tracking systems via Admin Panel.

Live Theme User

Does Live Theme actually stream the video or do I need to use a 3rd party service?

Live Theme User

Live Theme does not stream video on it's own and you will require a 3rd party service such as LiveStream, uStream, or 316Networks. Instead, our theme is designed to handle everything else your event would need in a website geared to attract and retain an online audience.

Live Theme User

Does Live Theme come with documentation?

Live Theme User

Yes. Our user guide is available online.

Live Theme User

Can I host this on

Live Theme User

No. does not support installation of premium themes. Live Theme is a premium theme. In order to use Live Theme, you’ll need a self-hosted installation of WordPress.

Live Theme User

What is your refund policy?

Live Theme User

We do not issue refunds for digital purchases. Before making a purchase, please make sure to read through our site, contact us with any questions you may have, and verify that you have a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Live Theme User

Do you do custom design and development?

Live Theme User

We have a trusted partner list. Contact us for details.

Live Theme User

Will you help me migrate my blog from [my current blogging platform] to WordPress?

Live Theme User

As much as we’d love to help as many people as possible begin using the Live Theme, we do not provide support for blogs offered on non-WordPress solutions. We are, however, have a trusted partner list. Contact us for details.

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Do you offer support for the Standard License?

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No. This service is available to those that have purchased the Support License.

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Our Theme is GPL. required and PHP5 recommended.
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